Dental Veneers

Dental Veneers

Knowing if Dental Veneers Are Right For You

You may have noticed that some of your friends, family or co-workers seem to have absolutely beautiful teeth and you know that this is not just a natural occurrence. You are well aware that they have had some dental work done, but aren’t quite sure what it was that created such beautiful results.

What you are witnessing could very well be dental veneers. This is a dental service that Dr. Hernandez here at the Smile Center often performs for patients who suffer from excessively stained teeth, or have a chipped tooth or even several damaged teeth.

Dental Veneers Need to Know

These are a very thin shell that is customized from select materials that fit over the compromised teeth that are spoiling your beautiful smile. While they come with many aesthetic benefits most importantly they do not interfere with your natural bite or proper functioning of your teeth. There are different materials that dental veneers can be composed of but one of the most trustworthy is the lithium disilicate glass ceramic veneers that are built for safety, comfort and longevity. They blend in beautifully with your natural teeth and you soon forget you have them because they are so comfortable and natural feeling.

The Miami dentists at Dental Implants 4 less will help determine the best material that the dental veneers are made of for your particular need. Dentistry has to be based on the unique needs of the individual because our dental structure is unique like we are.

Your dental veneer expert will begin by ascertaining the size and shape that will be required in each veneer that is going to be placed over the teeth that need correcting. This is intricate work as each veneer must be precision made to fit properly and look like it belongs. There may be some need to reshape the natural tooth so it will be compatible with the veneer and not interfere with the natural function of the teeth.

Dental veneers certainly can be the cosmetic solution for many of the dental flaws that we can suffer from, but in many cases more intensive solutions are best which may be the dental implants. Fortunately you do not have to make this decision on your own when you rely on the experience and expertise that our network of Miami dentists can offer you.

Once your dental veneer procedure has been completed you are going to enjoy the many benefits they offer. They are going to blend in with the natural coloring of your teeth. Your confidence is going to return now that you have a smile that you can be proud of. These new tooth coverings are going to help protect from further damage to the affected teeth.

Make your appointment now so one of our dentists can determine if dental veneers are going to be the right solution to your current dental problem.