Pain-Free Dentistry – Oral Conscious Relaxation

Pain Free Dentistry

No Pain Dental Procedures with Oral Conscious Relaxation

It is hard to believe that you can actually stay awake and be aware through dental procedures yet feel no pain. That is exactly what oral conscious relaxation delivers. Most people really are nervous about dental treatments because they anticipate a good deal of discomfort, yet at the same time they don’t relish being put unconscious to avoid this.

The Miami dentists associated with Dental Implants 4 Less are well aware about how big a concern pain control is for our patients. We begin our get comfortable and stay that way approach with our super comfy dental chairs, background music that promotes relaxation, and a warm inviting atmosphere. Added to this when needed is our oral conscious relaxation. You remain awake and responsive but really don’t care that you are in your dentist’s office. You will feel relaxed and know that you are in good hands. Your relaxation will be administered prior to your dental treatment, and in some cases may even be prescribed for the night before your procedure. In this case you are required to have a designated driver to bring you to the office and return you to your residence when the procedure is completed.

Being stress free and relaxed during your dental procedure truly assists throughout the treatment and allows us to provide you with the maximum results you are expecting.