Dental Implants

What Makes Dental Implants a Good Choice?

There may be a time where you need to see a dental professional to find out more about dental prosthetics. Included in these could possibly be an option for dental implants. If you are having problems with the bit of your teeth, or you smile is being affected by missing teeth or damaged ones, then you may be a good dental implant candidate

Dental Implants as the problem solver

Once you start learning about dental implants you are going to hear strange terms like screws, anchors and crowns. Don’t let these frighten you because they are just the pain free components that are used in developing a dental implant. The small screws are placed into the jawbone to act as an anchor for the crown which is the actual tooth replacement for the teeth being treated.

Dr. Hernandez will determine the number of dental implants that you require. This may be a stand alone procedure that you will be experiencing or these could be used in conjunction with other dental corrective procedures such as bridges or even partial dentures.

The procedure:

Knowing about the composition of the dental implants is helpful but you are also going to want to have some details about how the procedure is carried out. Depending on your particular circumstance our dental professional here at our Smile Creator clinic will determine which type of sedation to use. Once you have become comfortable with the sedation the dental implant process will begin.

The screws or posts as they are called are inserted into the appropriate spot on the jaw bone in readiness to support the new tooth or teeth.

Then your dental expert will take impressions of the teeth so he is able to make an exact tooth to cover the damaged ones or replace the missing ones.

It will take about four month for total healing as this is the time that the implants take to fuse into the jaw bone and become part of its structure.

Why should I choose to go with dental implants?

To begin with this is a combined decision. Dr. Hernandez will first have to determine that you are a candidate for this procedure which he will do based on his expertise and your particular dental problem. Then you will make the final decision as to whether this is the dental solution that you want to go with. There are occasions when a patient is not a good candidate for dental implants because of their jaw structure. If you happen to fall into this category, there is no need to worry as we have other solutions here at the Smile Creator clinic.

What can you expect from dental implants?

First you can enjoy the physical benefits. Your bite is going to be corrected so you will be able to chew, digest and enjoy your food much more effectively. Your smile is going to be greatly enhanced so your self confidence is going to benefit. Possibly your speech was effected because of your dental problem and this will no longer be of a concern to you. You will also feel confident in this dental investment because of the durability and longevity that dental implants offer.

Don’t sit and wonder any longer if dental implants are the solution for you. Call us here at the Smile Creator her in Miami Florida, at (305)- 279-1643, and let us set up your appointment now with Dr. Hernandez who excels in dental implant solutions.