All-on-6 Dental Implant

6 Pak Dental Implant

If you are totally fed up with missing teeth and the discomfort that comes with them then why not take advantage of the solution that we have for you at the Smile Creator Center. Don’t think that your own solution is going to be traditional dentures either, because the world of dentistry has advanced far beyond this.

Our problem solutions include same day results. Imagine walking into one of our network of dentists with missing teeth or large gaps between your teeth, to the point where you don’t even want to smile anymore, then walking out with the biggest smile, you have given in a long, long time both because your teeth look so great and your dental problems are gone once the 6 Pak procedure has been fully completed. That is what you can expect with the 6 Pak Dental Implant.

6 Pak Dental Implant Procedure

This procedure is comprised of the precision installation of six intricate dental implants that will now form the new anchor for the customized teeth that will be constructed with this service. This procedure for you is one of a kind, because it is precision made for you as an individual. There is no such thing as generic dentistry when it comes to creating the perfect smile.

In total this is a three part procedure, with each phase making a significant difference to your smile. It takes anywhere from 3 to 6 months to complete, but no need to worry because right after your first procedure you are going to have a beautiful but temporary teeth replacement to carry you through until the permanent ones are ready and installation completed.

Part one of your treatment will be the full diagnostic evaluation and diagnosis. The implant screws will be inserted and then anchored with a temporary bridge.

Part two will be the healing phase where the newly implanted screws can marry up with the natural bone.

Part three which is the final step will consist of removing the temporary bridge and the installation of a hybrid arch bridge which is the key to your full and permanent smile restoration.

Call now and make arrangements for a consultation to see if the 6 Pak Dental Implant is the solution to the creation of your new and perfect smile.