Dental Implant Supported Bridge

All the Answers You Need About a Dental Implant Supported Bridge

If you have heard about or seen someone with an impressive dental implant support bridge then you probably have a lot of questions about then like who, what, why, and where. We can give you all the answers to these and also inform you as to why you will want to have this dental procedure done through us.

Who is a Candidate for a Dental Implant Supported Bridge?

If you are an individual who is missing some teeth, or are about to have some teeth extractions because your own teeth cannot be saved, then you may be a prime candidate for this dental solution. These types of teeth problems really affect your smile. They can also affect your natural bite which in turn can affect your other teeth. These problems make you look and feel uncomfortable. One of our dental experts will do a full assessment and determine if the dental implant is a solution for you.

What is a Dental Implant Supported Bridge?

Technically this is a dental prosthesis that is primarily used to replace teeth that are missing. The bridge works as the holding mechanism for the dental implants. It serves as an anchor to where the implant is going to be. A far better solution than partial dentures because you don’t have to put up with all the negative factors that a denture can create. It is often a better solution to standard bridges require adjacent teeth for anchoring the newly replaced teeth. The supported bridge acts as a replacement for the missing roots from the lost teeth.

Why A Dental Implant Supported Bridge May Be Your Best Option

While you will play an important role in the final decision as to whether this dental solution is your best option, our dental experts will be the one that makes the recommendation based on their thorough assessment of your dental situation. This type of bridge does not require adjacent teeth for anchorage, so if these particular teeth are not in prime condition to serve this purpose it won’t affect your supported bridge. Many people opt for the supported bridge because it is secure, natural looking and feels like their own teeth.

Where is the Best Place to Have a Dental Implant Supported Bridge Done?

We feel that going through us here at Dental Implants 4 Less is your best choice for this dental service for several reasons. One is that you are going to be utilizing the services of highly experienced and educated dental professionals. You are not going to have a long waiting period to get into to see our professionals or have the procedure performed. You are going to have the best of equipment and technology used during your service. Also, you are going to find the cost for this service when done through us to be far less expensive and much more affordable.