Dental Implants Supported Dentures

Dental Implants Supported Dentures

Dentures With Dental Implant Support

Having dentures does not have to be the hassle you think, that is if you choose to go with the dental implant supported dentures. This can actually be the next best thing to your own original teeth. Standard dentures often come with some discomfort in their fit if they are not made right, or there is gum shrinkage. They can affect the way you digest your food. Some people even say that these type sof dentures affect the way they taste their food. These are never complaints affiliated with dental implant supports.

A simple explanation of dental implant supported dentures:

Although well made standard dentures can be quite impressive in their appearance the same can be said about the supported version. The big difference is the stability. Regular dentures merely sit snugly on top of gums, whereas the implanted version snaps into implants that have been imbedded into the gums by your dental specialist. As you can see by this explanation there is a big difference between these types of dentures.

Once your regular teeth have been removed shrinking begins to take place in the jaw. This really becomes physically noticeable because it changes your mouth structure. This is one of the big reasons why people opt for dentures. They would rather put up with the other inconveniences that this standard tooth replacement has then go without teeth entirely. Now with implanted supported dentures they don’t even have to go through these additional hassles.

They can be removed for easy cleaning so there is never a problem here. There are several different types of supported dentures that network of Miami dentists can offer you here at the Dental Implants 4 Less network. There is a partial dental implant version for those that are not missing all of their teeth. Then there are upper supported full dental implants as well as a lower full dental implant version.

So if you only require an upper set for the time being you can have confidence in knowing that if the time comes that you need your lower teeth replacing you are going to have an option.

Dental Implant Process

The dental implant procedure is not a painful or lengthy one. It will begin by first having the dental implants placed where they are required. Then a Miami dentist will then decide whether to use bar or ball retained dentures. If he decides on the bar retained version these teeth replacements will be secured in place with clips that will snap onto a very light and thin metal bar that comfortably fits along the top of your implants. If he uses the ball retained version these will be fitted into special attachments comprised of metal that fit within another metal attachment that is located within the implant itself.

Implanted dentures blend in nicely with any remaining natural teeth that you have and really are an ideal alternative to standard dentures. Call our hotline (786) 422-9651 today so one of our dentists can have a consultation with you to determine the best teeth replacement options for you.