Dental Implants

Dental Implants

The Real Take on Dental Implants

If you are going to have dental implants they could be comprised of a crown or bridge or denture for example along with a surgical item that acts as an anchor so they can be attached to the jaw to replace a missing tooth or teeth.

The implants end up fusing to the bone and this is called osseointegration. Quality materials are used for this fusion such as titanium and some special types of ceramics. These materials are the best choice because they are found to be more compatible with the body, and the body doesn’t tend to create a reaction to a foreign body being present, which was one of the complications in the past when less quality products for dental implants was used.

Most everyone thinks that dental implants is all based around modern technology. While this is true for materials used and procedures the concept dates back over 4,000 years. Back then some of the implants consisted of bamboo.

Dental Implant Examination

Not everyone is a candidate for dental implants, and a criteria is healthy bone and gingiva. Our dental specials that you will have access to through us here at Dental Implants 4 Less, will do a complete examination and assessment before even suggesting dental implants. If there are potential problems there are times where these dental experts can provide other procedures that will allow for adaptation of the dental implants.

Once the entire implant procedure has been concluded you are left with beautiful replacement teeth, which is sure to enhance that gorgeous smile of yours once again, plus you will be in total comfort. Dental implants done by the right expert ensures that they feel and look totally natural.