TMJ Bite Correction

Bite Correction for Temporomandibular joint (TMJ)

A lot of people experience problems with their jaw bone and often don’t relate it to being a dental problem. This is what disorders of the temporomandibular disorders consist of (TMD). The problems lie within the joint of the jaw bone. Fortunately these are problems that any one of our Miami dentists is more than qualified to address.

The important aspect about problems related to the jaw joint such as TMJ is that it is unique to each individual, and a very personalized treatment approach has to be conducted. The treatments can vary from an adjusted lifestyle to a surgical solution needing to be implements.

Rest assured that with the help of one of the many qualified dentists in our network of Miami dentists any problems with the temporomandibular joint are first approached with a detailed examination and thorough assessment. This requires the use of high profile equipment such as x-rays and CT Scanning. Here at our clinic we rely on our state of the art equipment for our dental diagnosis. The appropriate tests for your specific jaw bone disorder will be conducted, and they will give us the information we need to determine the degree of imbalance that may be occurring in your dental structure.

Call today (786) 422-9651 so one of our dentists can determine if you are suffering from TMJ and are in need of bit correction procedures based on a variety of criteria. Most importantly will be the symptoms that you are experiencing, which could be indicators of this particular problem.

TMJ Bite Correction Symptoms

Some of these symptoms will be dental related such as, grinding or clenching of your teeth, difficulty opening and closing your mouth, chewing problems. You may notice a clicking or popping action in your jaw. Then there are many other potential symptoms that are not directly related to your mouth and teeth area but are potentially cause by TMJ. These are re occurring headaches or migraines, discomfort in your shoulders, head or neck area, awful earaches, and possibly numbness in your hands and fingers, or problems with your posture. In fact, if you find that you really get tired after eating from chewing, or having a conversation then you could be a TMJ sufferer.

If you are experiencing any of these symptoms then be sure to book your appointment now by calling (786) 422-9651