Snap on Denture on 2 Implants for lower only

Snap on Denture

No more bandages – get your teeth fixed once and for all, all in one location! 

Our value-priced single implant with porcelain crown is perfect for people with a single missing tooth site with adequate bone for the implant procedure!

$2000 off!
Now:  $2500 /  Original: $4500
As low as: $60/month – 60 months (wac)

National Average:  $4300
Savings: Up to 50%

Our craftsmanship, expert oral surgeons and lab, along with our continuing care and 5 year warranty gives you the assurance you’re making a wise choice for your future!

Here’s what the package includes:

  • Extraction (Up to 2 extractions included)

  • Socket bone grafting (Up to 2 for the extractions)  
  • Top line conventional root form Dental implant
  •  Healing cap
  •  Abutment
  • 5 year warranty with regular recommended check ups only


  • For patients having problems with dentures

To Qualify for this Procedure:

  • Must be a denture wearer or a candidate.

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